“How can i serve You, Goddess?”
I hear this phrase on a daily basis. 
This is a general guide to the best ways in which you can show your love and adoration,
and also a guide for all submissives wishing to become My personal slaves/subs.
On this page you will find My favorite Tribute methods
and some basic etiquette rules that you MUST take into consideration before interacting with Me or applying for a sub position. 


I highly appreciate Tributes! 
They are the best form of showing Me devotion and supporting My work. 
Through Tributing Me regularly, you show that you are willing to make sacrifices for improving My lifestyle.
What greater pleasure can I feel knowing that, instead of spending carelessly and selfishly for your own benefits,
you chose to send Me all this hard earned cash? 
If you want to become My slave, Tributing Me is a must. 


Do you want to buy Me a gift that will remind Me about you every time I see or wear it?
Or maybe you want to see Me wearing your gift in one of My clips/photo sets?
ALL My good boys started here. 
I have an Amazon Wishlist where you can choose the perfect present. The link below will take you there.
Not sure what to buy from My wish list? Try offering Me an e-gift card – it’s easy, and it saves time.
All electronic gift cards should be sent to ladymorrigan@protonmail.ch


Adopt my bills

This is your chance to support directly my lifestyle, well-being and hobbies! 
I like living comfortably, and I love fine, expensive and exquisite things.
And you love being an useful servant…aren’t you?