What kind of Domme am I? (part 1)

Every Dominatrix has a particular style, or way of behaving and interacting with subs or other Dominant peers. Each of us favors the company of certain types of submissive people, and also prefer to engage in some forms of kink play while ignoring others. Every Domme you meet will be different from all others and will exhibit some unique traits.

I guess some of you are wondering what kind of Domme I am, partly because I don’t interact too much with people on social media, and partly because I produce content that caters to a lot of different fetishes. So, I want to share with you some tidbits about my personality and beliefs, hoping that it will help you decide if I’m the right type of Domme/adult performer for you!

 Lady Morrigan wearing black boots and stockings

I am an Online Pro-Domme, not a lifestyle Domme.

This means that I am a Professional Dominatrix. A Pro-Domme offers her BDSM and role-play services for a fee. You guessed it: you will need to pay for interacting with me. I do not engage in unpaid sessions under any circumstances.

My work takes places primarily online, and includes clip making, photography, phone/texting sessions, and camming sessions. Unfortunately, I don’t offer real-time sessions at this time although I’d like to – but I’ll talk about this subject in more detail some other time.

As a consequence, I am not interested in live-in slaves, household slaves or in-person oral (read “I want to lick your pussy and this is the only thing I have to offer”) servitude.

I am a no-nonsense Domme.

I am a very straightforward person, both on and off camera, and a very practical woman. I like interacting in a businesslike manner with people who want my services and I prefer a very direct approach to everything. I am laying my cards on the table from the beginning, and I expect you to do the same. In short, I have no desire to waste time or energy on things that don’t have a clear outcome or are illogical; I also don’t have a place for ego-caused disputes or asinine behavior in my life.

Thus, if you’re trying to become my sub or to hire me, don’t try to play mind games. Be honest (I appreciate honesty more than anything else AND I MEAN IT), keep your promises, prove yourself as a reliable human being and don’t try to impress me with hollow compliments. I see through people more easily than you’d think, and I refuse to engage with the ones that try to use me or waste my time and energy while giving next to nothing in return.

 Lady Morrigan wearing Venom cosplay catsuit

I am not your mother.

Let’s make this clear once and for all: I won’t hold your hand like you are a 3-year old toddler whenever you want.

Don’t ask me things like “What video do you think I should buy?” or “What is your favorite [insert whatever fetish here] clip that you’ve ever made because I want to buy it?” (Hint: we all know that my answer doesn’t even matter in this situation, because you’ll still buy the cheapest videos I have in my stores).

Don’t ask me “How much should I tribute, Goddess?” I’ve never had a tribute that was too much, and I’ve never refused a tiny tribute either. Instead of overthinking about “how much”, just send a tribute!

If you can’t do or decide anything by yourself, and you need my approval for every single thing, how do you intend being useful to ME as a sub? It also means you expect me to perform free emotional labor for you – and guess what? It will never happen!

I like my subs to be independent and mature people that know what they want.

I am not your girlfriend either.

I receive countless messages in which various men call me Mistress yet start their very first e-mail by addressing me with “bb” (which happens to be one of my pet-peeves, by the way), “baby”, “sweetheart” or “honey”. I hate breaking this to you but I am not, and I’ll never be, your girlfriend. We are not lovers, and as a matter of fact, we aren’t even friends (yet).

I am however a dominant woman to which you are most likely writing to inquire about FEMDOM videos. A Pro-Domme is not your baby; she is The Goddess that exists to humiliate you and break you while you love every minute of it and beg for more. If you are indeed a submissive, then you need to learn how to approach your Superiors using some manners.

If you are not submissive – because I’m aware that not all my customers are submissive people – you still have to drop that “bb” thing from your letters to me. I also don’t appreciate the “love letters” from random dudes that I’ve never heard of before who are trying to force their various fantasies on me (e.g. “Mmm, bb, I love imagining that you and me blah blah…”  then goes into a lot of graphic detail about the action that takes place in our random dude’s brain) and/or dick pics. (Dear random stranger: if I’d want to see your dick, I’d ask for a picture of it myself; however, I have no interest in seeing your wiener – no matter its size, color or other characteristics – unless you pay me).

And if you indeed hope to form a love relationship with me, I have very bad news for you: I am not interested. It’s best for both of us if I remain The Unattainable Goddess of your dreams 😊

I am a private person.

I don’t like talking too much about me, or my family, or my friends. I like keeping my private matters…well, private. As a matter of fact, I’d prefer you stop asking me details about my everyday life. If I consider something is worth sharing with my fans or subs, I will make sure I’ll discuss it with you. And it’s not because I have things to hide (I really don’t), but because I believe every person has the right to privacy. And while you’re demanding me to tell you all about my life, you don’t even have the courage to use your real first name when we’re interacting online, “James”.

Look: it really doesn’t matter what my real name is, or where I’m living right now, or how many siblings I have etc. These details have no importance while you’re jacking off to my photos, trust me. Your penis doesn’t care what my age is or if my name starts with an A or a T.

In short, I expect you to respect my privacy; I will ALWAYS respect yours.

I will not go out of my way to please you just because you have money.

Some people think that, because they have a stack of money in their hands and dangle it in front of me, I will be willing to create content for them that I usually don’t film, or perform various actions especially for them, in a different and/or preferential manner. Well, I am not a donkey in front of which you’re dangling a bunch of carrots. If I told you “no”, it will remain a “no” until you’ll change your behavior or the request.

Still here, reading this post? Great! We might be a match.